My name is Bev Hille and I am a Canadian Reiki Master Teacher who has taught Reiki since 1994.

My life’s focus is striving to be happy and healthy and helping people like you do the same. When you feel better, more content within yourself, it is a simple spiritual shift that makes it easier to make whatever other changes are needed to bring balance, healing and harmony within you and throughout your everyday life. When you feel better, you function better, are kinder to yourself and you make better choices.

Living this way is to most a daunting task, with most people believing that it would require far too many changes and a whole lot of additional stress in their life. The thing is, you don’t need to immediately change your whole world and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to quit your job, sell all of your worldly possessions and chant regularly, but you do have to strive to do, what you do, differently and Reiki is a way you can begin to do that.  Read More

What is Reiki and How Can It Help Me?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice, that can be taught as a self practice. Developed in early twentieth century Japan, it is often used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki also promotes healing at all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and is accessible to anyone, regardless or age, understanding or belief system and can be taught as a self practice.

Reiki can assist you in virtually any situation, helping you to feel more balanced, centered and focused no matter what is happening in your life. Whether you receive Reiki from a Practitioner or ideally, learn a self practice, Reiki can,

  • help you reduce stress levels
  • build inner strength
  • help you if you have trouble sleeping
  • support you in the grieving process
  • reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue
  • reduce the side effects of medication
  • accelerate the healing process for any injury
  • accelerate surgical recovery
  • helping you learn how to live a meaningful, deliberate life
  • encourage spiritual and personal growth
  • enhance well-being, build self confidence and self esteem
  • encourage more kindness, compassion and love for our self and others
  • teach you how to send positive vibes to a person or any situation on your to-do list
  • bring greater awareness
  • heighten intuition
  • rejuvenate, revitalize and cleanse any physical space

Supporting you at all levels of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even socially, Reiki is an amazing healing system that is practical for use in everyday life.

Whether you want to learn Reiki to support yourself, another, are interested in bringing healing to an area of your life, personal or spiritual growth or would like to begin to reconnect and redirect your life, my hope is that the information given and services offered on this site help you in your quest.

Kindest regards,